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  • Sleep well,

    Wake well.

    Avoid lingering drowsiness and psychoactive effects, and get the sleep you need.

    Enjoy restorative sleep every time, without psychoactive effects. Award-winning Sanna Sleep capsules deliver a precise formulation of isolated cannabinoids and a proprietary blend of sleep-positive terpenes. The result is a highly effective cannabis capsule that’s low in THC.

    Fast-acting Capsules

    In tests, patients report effects within 30 minutes.

    No ‘Hang-over’ Effect

    Wake up clear-headed, without lingering drowsiness or psychoactive effects.

    Physician Endorsed

    Endorsed by leading cannabis physician, Dr. Michael F. Soler as an effective sleep aid.

    Delivering on the Promise of a Cannabinoid-based Sleep Solution


    helps to ease you into sleep by relaxing the mind and lowering stress and anxiety.


    allows the body to achieve a deeper sleep when used in lower doses.


    brings powerful synergistic properties, enhancing the effects of the other cannabinoids.

    Our Proprietary Terpene Blend

    uses novel combinations of certain common and trace terpenes that we’ve found to have powerful sleep and relaxation effects.


    By leveraging the interactive properties of multiple cannabinoids, and doing so in a consistently dosed formulation, Sanna produces a cannabis capsule that goes beyond the typical high-THC edible product. It’s about being more effective with less THC, focusing on the sleep-enhancing effects you seek.

    How it Works

    Think of CBD as the initial welcome to sleep, easing anxiety, and calming the mind. There is evidence that CBD modulates adenosine, facilitating relaxation, and binds to the 5-HT1a serotonin receptor, mitigating feelings of stress.

    THC interacts with the CB1 receptor and assists the body in achieving deeper sleep levels. However, high levels of THC seem to reduce REM sleep which is an important part of the normal sleep cycle. This makes lower levels of THC the optimal target.

    CBN is the key to maximizing the sedative effects of the other cannabinoids. Research has found that the combination of THC and CBN produce higher levels of drowsiness than either on their own, and CBN has become known as a synergisitic cannabinoid – the glue that holds the Sanna Sleep formulation together, helping to keep you in that zone of restful sleep so you wake up refreshed.

    More with less – our Proprietary Terpene Blend.
    Our carefully crafted blend of terpenes elicits powerful sleep-positive effects. This allows us to use lower levels of cannabinoids to achieve maximum results. Less cannabinoids means less grogginess, no headaches, no heaviness.


    Product Use: Formulated for use as a sleep aid for either acute or long-term use. Not intended for use with other sleep medications.

    Form Factor: Gel cap in a Size 5 capsule, 300mg capacity

    Dosage: 1-2 capsules at bedtime

    Instructions: For best results we recommend starting with Sanna Sleep for 4 nights in a row, with a dose of 1-2 capsules. We do not recommend exceeding 4 capsules in one day.

    Active Ingredients: CBD 10mg, CBN 6mg, THC 3mg

    Inactives: Carrier oil, Medium chain triglycerides

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