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  • The Sanna Difference

    At Sanna, we believe that many people want to enjoy the medical benefits of cannabis in a form with the familiar features of other medicines – ones that offer predictable, consistent effects in a dosable format, and which contain precisely the same ingredients every time.

    Our mission, to produce truly effective medical cannabis products that offer consistent dosing and purity of ingredients, is a response to this desire.

    To achieve this, we use only the purest isolated cannabinoids, allowing us to develop, test and refine formulations that can be exactly replicated. With a precise, symbiotic combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, we maximize the positive attributes while minimizing unwanted effects such as psychoactivity.

    The Power of Terpenes

    Terpenes help us to achieve our mission in two key ways. They can bring about similar or compatible effects within each of our products, making them more effective. And by doing so, they allow us to minimize our use of psychoactive cannabinoids, mitigating the effects our customers do not seek.

    A Full Suite of Targeted Products

    Following this approach, we’ve developed a full suite of proprietary formulations with specific therapeutic benefits, with more in the works. All of our products are formulated and tested to consistently deliver specific relief without psychoactive side-effects.

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