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    Sanna Sleep Delivers Statistically Significant Improvements in Sleep Quality

    In October, 2020, Discovery Wellness Labs conducted an independent study, under the direction of Heather Hausenblas, PhD, to examine the effectiveness of Sanna Sleep.

    Study Overview: The pilot study recruited adults with poor sleep quality (i.e. sleeplessness) to examine the effectiveness of Sanna Sleep on sleep quality, health-related quality of life, perceived stress, and anxiety.

    Participants: 24 male and female adults (Ages 27 to 67 years).

    Procedures and Design: Participants took 1 to 2 capsules 30 minutes prior to nighttime sleep for 7 consecutive days. They completed a Daily Diary that assessed supplement adherence, adverse events, sleep quality, and mood; and they also completed Day 0 (Pre) and Day 7 (Post) assessments of their sleep quality, anxiety, health-related quality of life, and perceived stress. The measures were made using an array of established assessment tools, including: the Insomnia Severity Index, Bergmen Insomnia Scale, the Trait Anxiety Inventory, Perceived Stress Scale and the CDC’s Health-related Quality of Life measure.




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    Statistically Significant Improvements in Sleep Quality

    Participants reported improvements in:

    • Sleep satisfaction
    • Night awakening
    • Early awakening
    • Insomnia symptoms
    • Getting enough sleep

    Statistically Significant Improvements in Health-related Quality of Life

    Participants reported decreases in:

    • Depressive symptoms
    • Perceived stress
    • Anxiety levels

    Participants reported improvements in:

    • Mental health
    • General health
    • Energy levels

    Positive Participant Feedback

    When I take the capsules 30 minutes prior to sleep I fall asleep and stay asleep for at least 6 hours. This has never happened since I had children.“

    Participant 16

    Wow. Much better sleep — fall asleep faster and stay asleep”

    Participant 1

    Fantastic product!! Am telling all my friends!! We all have sleep issues!!”

    Participant 17

    I feel less anxious in the morning.”

    Participant 15

    This successful pilot study paves the way for a full clinical trial, currently being structured.

    The detailed report from Wellness Discovery Labs is available below. For further details, please contact Wellness Discovery Labs at